Where You Sleep On Mount Rinjani Trekking

Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok is usually done 2 days or more, of course, you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within trekking days.

We have set up and organize all you need to sleep before climbing or within the hiking Mount Rinjani, ranging from accommodation in Sembalun village or other location in Lombok and also for camping tent on the mountain Rinjani.

I. For the accommodation before the climb we have provided Sembalun :

1. Sembalun Agro Villa
2. Rudy’s Villa

The accommodation above with facilities:
1. Queen bed 180 cm or twin bed 120 cm
2. TV
3. Blanket
4. Western Bathroom with Hot and Coldwater
5. Towel and Soap.
6. Private verandah
7. Mount Rinjani view
8. Restaurant.

1. Lawang Rinjani Homestay
2. Backpacker Rinjani Homestay

The accommodation above with facilities:
1. Blanket
2. Western Bathroom
3. Towel and Soap.
4. Private verandah
5. Mount Rinjani view

II. Accommodation in Senaru, Tetebatu or other location on request.

III. Accommodation during the hiking Mount Rinjani will be in tents brought up by your porters, we prepare is a fairly broad tent, a clean and warm sleeping bag, a comfortable mattress, and pillows.

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